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August 27, 2011

American Public School Law Alexander 8th Edition

American Public School Law Alexander 8th Edition
Book Description
Alexander and Alexander’s best-selling American law school sets the standard for books of law education, an increasingly important skill for today’s schools and administrators of the district. Now in its eighth edition, gives this book combined text / image authoritative and comprehensive review of the law that governs the public school system in the United States, including the common law, statutes and constitutions, that affect students, teachers and administrators. With civil and criminal cases selected from hundreds of jurisdictions and recently updated to reflect the latest legal trends and earlier, the book of fundamental laws and decisions of the Court in the matter. The case method offers great opportunities for discussion in order to discover and expose the basic rules and reasoning, and the text actively encourages readers to relate factual situations to the law while anticipating similar experiences they may have as practicing teachers and administrators. Written in an engaging and accessible style, explains the American Public School Law (eighth edition) is also complex legal issues clearly and effectively to non-lawyers, and authors to maintain a careful focus on the specific needs of professional educators preparing for a career management success.

This sixth edition of the American Public School Law is a complete cure of the major law school, which also serves to describe the history of our country. It ‘easy to use, without lowering the bar for your understanding. Legal jargon is left intact, but the translations are offered for those of us who read it for school teams, unlike law school classes. There is a useful glossary and a useful index to identify specific issues and cases that illustrate. This is a book to keep.

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