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August 20, 2011

Conceptual Chemistry 4th Edition Suchocki

Conceptual Chemistry 4th Edition Suchocki
TextBook Description
A conversational writing style and clear Suchocki Conceptual Chemistry did John is a leader in the chemistry of the liberal arts. The presentation of chemistry Suchocki conceptually builds a base from which science students can see the world more clearly, helping to visualize the behavior of atoms and molecules to macroscopic understand our environment.

therefore this text is actually pretty good. so let’s be clear. NOT designed for a course of chemical high, and is not intended for any kind of science more important. but not all those who took a chemistry course is a great chemistry or a science major. there’s this little thing that all colleges and universities are usually called something like requirement “distribution of studies,” which requires that all students take a minimum number of credits in areas far from their elders, with the hope that the their education is complete. which is the type of course for which you should read this text, an introductory course in college terminal, and is very well conceived and well executed.
basic arithmetic skills and problem solving skills are all horribly wrong, even among today’s college science majors. and after the teaching of a “chemical of the poets”, of course, more than once, I can say with some authority that the students usually enrolled in a class (English, economics, philosophy, psychology, etc.) are absolutely unable to resolve arithmetic problems that require skills beyond counting fingers. but not the chemistry, like every other science, just number crunching. is in the background, conceptual. and it is not necessary that the torture of science no longer with the exercise in futility and meaningless in algebra to explain the concepts that underlie the calculations. In fact, it’s a relief to find a text that is refreshingly free of the minutiae of chemistry, and instead focused on the clarity and intuitive explanations of physical and chemical phenomena. descriptive chemistry. Long live the author to fill an obvious need.
The only negative comment I would make is that I would apply to most other texts I have seen over the past 30 years, and goes to the publisher – which is outrageously expensive. but since that higher education is now a for-profit companies, rather than rules-driven research, students extortion (the parents) is now common practice, and unfortunately will remain for the foreseeable future. this is especially offensive to the type of course you should use this book. in all likelihood, these students will never take another chemistry course, and do not want to keep the text as a reference book for the future. This text is available and should be priced accordingly. The good news is that this is the fourth edition, and teachers can take a string, the previous edition, and allow students to buy used copies can be obtained for less than $ 10.

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