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January 14, 2012

Engineering Mechanics Statics Hibbeler 12th Edition

Engineering Mechanics Statics Hibbeler 12th Edition

Book Description

Engineering Mechanics Statics Hibbeler 12th Edition comprehensive review of mechanics, RC Hibbeler allow students to be successful in the learning process. Hibbeler achieves this by calling on his experience in the classroom every day and their knowledge of how students learn inside and outside the lesson.
In addition to over 50% new tasks before the twelfth edition of the new features of the conceptual problems, the fundamental problems and mastering engineer, the most technologically advanced tutorials and online homework.

This book is essentially a collection of sets problem with brief explanations of concepts and formulas needed to solve them in half. The illustrations are well done and help solve problems and the appendix contains the answers to all problems, but every quarter. You will not gain much insight into the fundamental physics behind statics and you will not find mathematically rigorous derivations of equations, but you will become adept at solving a large number of “typical” situations in engineering using them. If you have a solid background in physics and mathematics (classical physics, and a count variable), you will find this book a good source to practice your skills in problem solving and to stay familiar with the basics. Almost all are computational in nature with a few conceptual exercises included. If this is the first time you saw the ideas presented in this book, so that the problem will be harder because of the lack of depth in Hibbler explanations and examples. Engineering Mechanics Statics Hibbeler 12th Edition.I recommend using an engineering physics text such as Halliday’s or Serway to help understand the concepts and Hibbler to practical problems.

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