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August 15, 2011

Introductory Chemistry Corwin 6th Edition

Introductory Chemistry Corwin 6th Edition
Product Description
To help students acquire skills and chemical concepts in a more effective introductory Chemistry: Concepts and critical thinking, Sixth Edition emphasizes the connection between the main key concepts and problem solving through critical thinking.Introductory Chemistry Corwin Sixth Edition Mathematics and problem solving are covered at the beginning of the text is based Corwin your ability to solve problems through innovative learning tools and technologies formulated to meet your needs. This revision retains all the strengths of previous editions, while adding emphasis on conceptual understanding and critical thinking.

Unfortunately, I’m very excited as this book tries to teach chemistry and how many errors are in the same textbook. We started our class in Chapter 2, but I think it’s one of the chapters wrong. What really makes me angry with this chapter and many others in the book is to describe the concept of something, but did not explain enough. Instead, go on to describe a lot of other things that are “extra” information. Even after trying to explain or describe what I call something to show you an example and then try to get to practice. The practice has two problems or questions that the opportunity to try. Unfortunately, only one of these questions describe what you should do when the solution of the problem or find the application. The second problem only gives the answer and an explanation that worries me, because the second general problem is receiving the strongest or most difficult to solve. From start to finish this book has the answers given severall errors in the examples and tasks. When you are constantly having to answer to question worries me most is when I feel that I can not trust the book. Once I discovered a couple of errors only in the first two chapters (confirmed by my instructor at school) I was disappointed. The price of the book is quite high and get something so low quality it is sad. I believe that the authors / editors of this book are not in contact with students who use the text to real learning. The author seems to write the instruction of the people who have the most basic knowledge of chemistry. Instead of giving us those boxes in more than useless curiosity that you would use half a page to help us learn more or to “explain” more. Overall I am satisfied with this book, but I had to use for my chemistry class.

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