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August 28, 2011

Literature and the Child Galda 7th Edition

Literature and the Child Galda 7th Edition
Product Description
Literature and child, 7 th edition includes two major areas of current children’s literature – genres of children’s literature (picture books, folklore, etc.) and use of children’s literature in the classroom. Deliberately concise, the book offers concise yet beautifully written and illustrated discussions that reflect the tone and feel of children’s books. With discussions on the most recent work of children’s literature, which contains the text coverage of the growing importance of young people and more attention to the upper level of children’s literature and youth literature. The authors devote much attention to diversity in children’s literature, and provide students with practical, research-based teaching ideas.

I ordered this book for a reading course. What a great book! I used the book for almost all my classes. It ‘a great reference book for reading research. I Aso as it is a hardcover book, because I use it a lot. Well written, well organized, good content, good reference resource. It also has a huge list of books for students that can be used across the range of the curriculum. There is guidance of a teacher of literacy. This is an excellent resource for reading teachers and reading coaches.

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