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September 3, 2011

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Musser 9th Edition

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Musser 9th Edition
Product Description
Readers who use this text are motivated to learn mathematics. They become more confident and more able to appreciate the beauty and excitement of the mathematical world.
That’s why the new Ninth Edition of Musser, Burger, and best-selling textbook of Peterson focuses on one primary goal: to help students develop a true understanding of central concepts with solid mathematical content in a format accessible and attractive. The components of this comprehensive training program – the textbook, activities eManipulative, troubleshooting tools, and online web resources rich – who work in harmony to achieve this goal.

I used the math for elementary teachers for a course at university level. The text is interesting and gives the reader / student a solid foundation in problem solving for learning and teaching of mathematics. There are several useful examples of strategies and difficult problems can be solved by themselves. The problem-solving strategies are new in the sense that “math is not your mother.” There are different types of problem-solving was not aware of and to be useful for teaching and learning, because it does not solve all the same problems. The text works on the concepts of “real class.” Many of the strategies presented are in agreement with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum and evaluation standards (NCTM) – the leading authority in the United States focuses the maintenance of standards in the curriculum of mathematics across the country to ensure that students are well prepared for the future of mathematics more complex. The chapters are followed by many difficulties in solving mathematical problems. And some of the answers are in the back of the book, so you can control. A solid foundation of basic math and algebra I need to keep up with the text. The only drawback is that I wish there was a book to complete the text. I found to do the same problem to get the concepts down. would have been better if there were more problems similar to those chapters. Another problem was that some of the answers, at the end of the book were wrong.

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