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August 6, 2011

Sociology Henslin 10th Edition

Sociology Henslin 10th Edition
Description TextBook

James Henslin shares the excitement of sociology, with its acclaimed approach “down to earth” and personal writing style highlight the sociology of everyday life and its importance in the lives of the students’. With examples of intelligence, personal reflection, and illuminating, which shares with readers his passion for sociology.
Apart from that brand to get closer to the ground, other features are:Sociology Henslin tenth Edition
Comparative perspective. Two important issues are the global comparisons – the diversity of social life in different cultures and communities – and comparisons over time – what the company once, and how has it changed.
The globalization of capitalism. Many examples illustrate how our global economy affects the knowledge and skills we need, the work we do, and costs for goods and services.
Visual Presentations of Sociology. Superb maps, charts and images to capture the interest of the students’ understanding and facilitate.

* Paperback: 800 pages
* Publisher: Prentice Hall, 10th edition (July 18, 2011)
* Language: English

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  1. […] Book Description Essentials of Sociology Henslin 9th Edition is heralded by students and faculty, as well as the most welcoming and helpful introduction to sociology. James Henslin guides students on an intellectual journey through the sociological imagination, help them better understand themselves and their world. Use humor, personal reflection and illustrative examples, he shares with readers his passion for sociology. Six key themes running throughout the text: down to earth sociology, globalization, cultural diversity, critical thinking, new technologies and the impact of media on daily life. Each of these themes are reflected in the central story in boxing is the full text.And Now Newer Edition […]

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