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March 13, 2012

Biology Concepts and Applications Starr 7th Edition

Biology Concepts and Applications Starr 7th Edition


Should there be warning labels on fast foods? Should SUV drivers pay extra taxes? Should employers be allowed to require drug testing of prospective employees?
This introductory biology text helps you learn biology while encouraging you to think about critical issues. The issues-oriented approach encourages the matter and helps you understand the concepts, making connections between biology and concerns of real life. Here’s how it works: An “Impacts, Issues” case study opens each chapter focuses on a social problem related to biology. Also see a short film that expands on the theme. Following each chapter, “How do you vote?” question, inspired by the case study, asks you to consider biology-related news, explore the facts behind the problem, apply their knowledge of biology, and give a vote on the web. You can also view the state vote counts and the country. This book was widely praised for clear and engaging writing, art with step calls, and the excellent support from the support of the students working together to help all biology “get”. Technology highlights include CengageNOW, an interactive online tool that provides personalized study plans and hundreds of animations, and an MP3 download of audio study tools that let you review concepts from the text anywhere!

This was the text used in my college course Introduction to Biology. I found this an excellent text! For a biology textbook was easy to understand. Diagrams and models of the book did a great job of breaking concepts and processes understandable. There have been many diagrams throughout the text, which was a great supplement.

I found access online to be the best part of this text. I like to read the online version of the book (which was available), but I found great benefit in the use of interactive on-line examples. In these cases, the concepts can be explained step by step through the spoken text and movement patterns. We all learned important processes in biology is very well explained and understood through these examples. I also took a lot of competition online, providing immediate gains and the revised test.

The text was incredibly useful for learning and studying in my course.  I recommend it for any Intro to Biology course!

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