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December 7, 2011

Biology Concepts and Investigations Hoefnagels 2nd Edition

Biology Concepts and Investigations Hoefnagels 2nd Edition

Book Description
Marielle Hoefnagels passion as an instructor of class is evident in this new edition of his learning to learn the roadmap-teach students to think like a scientist!
Marielle Hoefnagels is an award winning teacher and professor of biology at the University of Oklahoma. His concept of biology-oriented introductory text places greater emphasis on the processes of scientific research and development than any other book comparable. His teaching experience is evident in the book by its use of student-centered art, innovative programs and teaching methods with a “What’s the point?” Focuses on the relevance and importance.

I had to comment after reading the previous review. The book is good. It has a lot of pictures and a lot of interesting side note to keep each page interesting. The book covers A LOT! Sometimes it covers too much in too little space so that the details are lacking, but the website and free downloadable resources are great.
I think a book that looks pretty good on all of biology, and I have not noticed any kind of religious significance, or what was suggested earlier.

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