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August 7, 2011

Biology Raven 9th Edition

Biology Raven 9th Edition
Product Description
Committed to excellence. This edition continues the development of Raven and Johnson’s Biology. The team behind you to continually improve the text, while students and learning first. We have integrated the new pedagogical features to guide the student through the learning process. This new edition of the text keeps the writing clear, accessible and attractive in previous versions, with a solid foundation for pedagogy that emphasizes a focus on development, and scientific studies that have made this an important book for students majoring in biology. This emphasis on the organizational power of evolution is combined with the integration of the importance of the cellular, molecular biology and genomics to offer our readers a text that is student-friendly and current.
The author team is committed to producing the best possible text for both students and teachers.Biology Raven 9th Edition Principal author, Kenneth Mason University of Iowa, has taught biology majors to the three large public universities in more than fifteen years. Jonathan Losos, Harvard University, is at the forefront of research in evolutionary biology, and Susan Singer, Carleton College, has been involved in policy issues of science education at the national level.

Biology Raven 9th Edition Review
Photography brilliant, logical arrangement of topics, stunning images and well written text combine to make this text an excellent tool in the classroom, or as a resource. Features include: main ideas highlighted in boxes in the text, questioning the content written for easy understanding, the chapters are introduced with clear objectives and concludes with a detailed summary of the information presented in the logical flow, the evaluation section of the essay, multiple choice questions and critical thinking, detailed index and dictionary

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