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August 5, 2011

Biology the Dynamic Science Russell 2nd Edition

Biology the Dynamic Science Russell 2nd Edition
Product Description
Learning to think and participate as a scientist! Biology: The Dynamic Science, Second Edition, provides a thorough understanding of basic concepts in biology, building a solid foundation for further studies. In a fresh presentation, the authors explain complex ideas clearly and describe how biologists collect and interpret data to test hypotheses about the world of the living. Russell, Hertz, McMillan and awaken their curiosity for living systems, rather than buried under a mountain of disconnected facts. Biology the Dynamic Science Russell second Edition You will learn what scientists know the world of the living, how do they know, and what we still need to learn. The accompanying Aplio biology interactively guides you through the thought processes and procedures used by scientists in their research and allows you to apply and synthesize the contents of the text. In general, you learn to think like a scientist and participate in the scientific process itself.


* Paperback: 1456 pages
* Author: Brooks Cole, second edition (January 1, 2011)
* Language: English

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