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March 3, 2012

Business Communication Today 10th Edition

Business Communication Today 10th Edition

Book Description
Business Communication Today offers comprehensive coverage of cutting-edge communication that prepares readers for doing real business.
Understanding the basics Business Communication, Application of three stages of writing, crafting short messages, messaging support with quality information, planning, writing and comprehensive reports and proposals, design and production of written and online presentations, write messages and interviews for employment work.Business Communication Today 10th Edition
MARKET: For readers who are interested in training for the business realities of today and tomorrow.and Now Newer Edition

I’ve been teaching this course for 20 years, and I’ve used various editions of this text for the past 15 years. The book is now in its 11th edition, which is the best edition yet.
The book is beautifully written, concise, and has a strong scholarly foundation. A look at the reference section at the end of the book shows more than a 1,000 sources the authors used in writing the book. In terms of overall length, however, the book is about the same as other texts in the field.
I’ve reviewed virtually all of the leading business communication texts, and this book is miles ahead of the competition. For example, while other textbooks for this course are still emphasizing paper documents, this book is the only business communication textbook that gives extensive coverage of electronic documents. Students will see actual examples of blogs, instant messages, RSS newsfeeds, wikis, and podcasts (actual podcasts for students to analyze are on the authors’ website). Amazingly, examples of these electronic documents aren’t contained in any of the competing books.
Semester after semester, my students have rated this book very highly. The authors are to be commended for their outstanding work!

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