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August 3, 2011

Campbell Biology Reece 9th Edition

Campbell Biology Reece 9th Edition
Product Description

To help students make connections between biology

Campbell is the introduction BIOLOGY head unprecedented in biology. The values ​​of precision, text stamps, coins, and a passion for teaching and learning have become the university’s biology book’s most successful introduction of eight consecutive years.
Building on the framework of key concepts in previous chapter, Campbell Biology, Ninth Edition helps students keep track of the “big picture”, encouraging them to:

* Make connections between the chapters of the text, from molecules to ecosystems, ask questions with the new links
* Make connections between classroom learning, the progress of research, and the real world with the figures of new impact
* Make connections with the general theme of evolution in each chapter with sections Evolution
* Make connections with higher cognitive level questions through the synthesis of new fundamental concepts and writing about a topic Questions

Although the class uses a different, especially if its written by the professor in a biology class, use this book as a supplement. In short, it’s amazing and nothing is going to overthrow a little ‘. The previous edition is much cheaper if you use as a supplement. In biology and other sciences, too rarely change in a decade and a half. Getting an earlier edition is not a good idea if you are using the textbook. If you can not get one, there is one available at the library or two.

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