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August 27, 2011

Child Family School Community 9th Edition Berns

Child Family School Community 9th Edition Berns
TextBook Description
Child Family School Community By Berns ninth edition, offers an excellent introduction to the socialization that is rooted in a solid conceptual framework – Urie Bronfenbrenner Bioorganic is the model of human development. Consider how school, family and community influence the socialization of children, this text takes up complex issues in a clear and complete. A pleasant read, is packed with useful, timely and effective tools for these studies to have a solid understanding of the concepts chapter. A presentation of the sensitive issues of diversity includes issues related to culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and special needs. Updated throughout, this edition has a stronger focus on DAP and NAEYC standards and new information on diversity in all forms, technology and the influence of media, bullying and other topics.

This is a great book for teachers to help them understand that students have in their classes. I learned a lot in class I took on what today’s kids are going through and how it affects their learning. I think it will be fun to go back to that reference in the future. A reading for teachers and future teachers.

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