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January 31, 2012

Concepts of Biology Mader 2nd Edition

Concepts of Biology Mader 2nd Edition

Book Description
Instructors constantly asked for a manual that helps students understand the relationships between the fundamental concepts of biology, so that they are not learning the facts of biology in isolation. Mader concept in biology has been developed to fill this void. Organized around the major themes of biology, Concepts of Biology guides students to think conceptually about biology and the world around them. Just as levels of biological organization flow from one level to another, themes and concepts of biology topics are related to each other over the chapters and between chapters and sections. In combination with the distinctive style of writing Dr. Mader, exceptional art program and a pedagogical framework, difficult concepts easier to understand and visualize, so students can focus on understanding how the concepts are related. The integration of text and the digital world is full now with McGraw-Hill Connect Plus and intelligent learning. Connect Plus, you can assign content, the objectives of the text and reporting functions are the best on the market.Concepts of Biology Mader 2nd Edition

This book is quite easy to understand and has lots of pictures to explain difficult concepts. Concepts of Biology Mader 2nd Edition has a surprising number of typos, though. Pretty good overall, allowing an independent investigation of the topics covered.

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