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March 19, 2012

Diversity Matters Spradlin 2nd Edition

Diversity Matters Spradlin 2nd Edition

Book Description
There is no single approach “cookbook” to work effectively with a diverse population in the classroom – and that’s why this book is so useful. Its practical, research-based approach prepares teachers to meet the specific needs of their intercultural interaction, armed with the knowledge that ensures accurate, responsive and ethics of intercultural communication. Diversity Matters Spradlin¬†2nd Edition Based on current research and enriched by the individual voices of people with different worldviews book gives lots of practical approaches theoretically sound to meet the needs of those who are marginalized in today’s classrooms. Designed to engage readers intellectually and emotionally, this distinctive book move from the realm of understanding (head), for personal value (heart), and finally the application (voice) information.

I chose this book for a class on diversity. I thought it would be a good book to have and use, even after my class. However, the only thing I found when reading this book that most of it is common sense. If a teacher who is strong enough to embrace differences requires energy to find the individual in every child, so this Diversity Matters Spradlin 2nd Edition is not really necessary. That said, if the person trying to figure out who is different, then this might be a decent book for them to get.

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