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August 6, 2011

Educational Psychology Slavin 10th Edition

Educational Psychology Slavin 10th Edition
Product Description
By noted psychologist Robert Slavin translates theory of the tenth edition of this popular text in practices that teachers can use in their classrooms with a deeper understanding of the concept of intentionality and a thorough integration of standards. This edition highlights current issues and new trends in educational psychology.
Educational Psychology Slavin 10th Edition continues to have practical insights with particular attention to the intentional teacher by presenting up-to-the-minute research that a reflection, intentional teacher can apply. An “intentional teacher,” according to Slavin, is one who constantly reflects on her practice and makes decisions based educational video on a clear understanding of how these practices affect students. To help readers become “intentional teachers,” the author has a series of questions to guide them and models best practices through classroom examples.

* Paperback: 608 pages
* Publisher: Prentice Hall, 10th edition (January 14, 2011)
* Language: English

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