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January 4, 2012

Educational Psychology Woolfolk 11th Edition

Educational Psychology Woolfolk 11th Edition

Book Description
Derived from Anita Woolfolk market-leading Educational Psychology, eleventh edition, the text more comprehensive, accessible and authoritative on the market, Active Learning Edition breaks the material into manageable “modules.” To give customers an alternative version of the longest chapters of the Standard Edition 11, this version is 15 chapters now appear as 40 brief modules, easy to cover in shorter semesters and will make learning easier for students. In addition to presenting comprehensive, expert coverage of all topics teachers need to understand how students learn in class and all the applications for which the author is justly renowned, the modules are grouped into clusters, which allows a better environment and background for each topic. In addition, each module is a stand-alone units of learning and learning outcomes and revise the text and online resources that offer immediate reinforcement of key concepts and build students ‘confidence’ in their understanding of the material. The addition of interactivity are 14 end of the cluster “Active Learning Connections” features filled with activities that direct students to new and emerging technologies, connecting them with each other and other students through wikis, blogs and many other useful resources, technology and websites.

Educational Psychology Woolfolk 11th Edition is an easy read. He helped the margins with the definitions and lights. There are also examples of problems of Praxis II through the whole chapter and on the back of the test.

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