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August 4, 2011

Human Biology Mader 12th Edition

Human Biology Mader 12th Edition
Product Description

* Instructors consistently ask for a human biology textbook that helps students develop an understanding of the main themes of biology, while placing the material in connection with the human body. Mader Human Biology is designed to fill this void.
* Organized around the main themes of biology, Human Biology Mader 12th Edition guides students to think conceptually about biology and the world around them. Just as levels of biological organization flow from one level to another, themes and topics in biology is related to one another throughout the chapter, and between the chapters and sections through the concept of homeostasis.
* Together with Dr. Mader characteristic writing style, exceptional art program, and the pedagogical framework, difficult concepts easy to understand and visualize, allowing students to focus on understanding how the concepts are connected.
* Multimedia Integration: Windelspecht Michael represents the new generation of digital writers. Through the integration of multimedia, such as movies, animations and MP3 files, and the formulation of a new series of interactive animations, Dr. Windelspecht worked for Dr. Mader texts to the new digital generation of students. A veteran in online, hybrid and traditional teaching environments, is well versed in Dr. Windelspecht challenges of today’s students and teachers. Dr. Windelspecht has also served as the expert on all aspects of the subject content in preparation for Mader Connect series of textbooks.

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