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December 13, 2011

Human Exceptionality Hardman 10th Edition

Human Exceptionality Hardman 10th Edition

Book Description
Widely respected and continue to focus only on the crucial role in a variety of professionals – in training services, psychology, counseling, health and human – HUMAN exceptionality: school, community and family, Tenth Edition is a testament to how multidisciplinary collaboration can and must improve the lives of exceptional individuals and their families as it strengthens and supports the work of these professionals. After an extensive six chapters of introduction to the foundation and challenges throughout the life of persons with exceptionalities, nine chapters focuses on definitions, classifications, prevalence, causes and characteristics of major categories of exceptionality. Categorical chapter also provides practical information on educational, medical and social services aspects of working with people who are exceptional. An excellent resource for pre-service teachers, and service and a range of human services professionals, the book combines unique human approach to the most recent research, detailed personal histories of exceptional individuals, and fresh pedagogical features that help students understand and apply the the material.

Every teacher knows that the assigned reading often read by students. I bought this book for an introductory course in special education. I can truly say that I read at least 90% of this book, and it was easy to read. Sometimes I wanted to know more about a topic that is given. I realize it is a broad overview of the different types of exceptional students, as was briefly popular. I would recommend a teacher to use this book as a gateway to courses in special education, because it is short and readable. Will keep the book on my shelf because the functions of each type of disease is too short and general to be useful as a reference in my practice in the classroom.

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