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August 8, 2011

Invitation to Psychology Wade 5th Edition

Invitation to Psychology Wade 5th Edition
Product Description
This text highlights the importance of critical thinking and the inclusion of culture and gender in the science of psychology.
Wade / Tavris, Invitation to Psychology, 5 / and uses examples of writing lively and stimulating to invite students to actively explore the field of psychology and the fundamentals of critical thinking and science. Invitation to Psychology presents the science of psychology according to six areas of student experience: you, your body, mind, environment, mental health, and life. This unique organization involves students from the beginning and gives them a framework for thinking about human behavior. The characteristics of this distinctive characteristics bestselling introductory text include active learning, the emphasis on critical thinking, a search for balance of classic and contemporary, and the complete integration of culture and gender.

Invitation to Psychology Wade fifth Edition is well written and clearly explains all the major concepts of psychology in a way that is interesting and easy to understand. It covers all the major perspectives and specialties in psychology, and gives real-life situations and examples to illustrate various ideas and concepts. The book encourages critical thinking and a scientific / academic subject material, which is something I like to see in any textbook.

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