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August 7, 2011

Management Kinicki 5th Edition

Management Kinicki 5th Edition
Product Description
Writing Fellowship overview of mixing and imaginative, ASU business professor Kinicki (of Kreitner / Kinicki Organizational Behavior 9e) and writer Williams (Williams / Sawyer seventh use of information technology and other college texts) have created an introductory text easy to read management a unique student-centered design that has been well received by students with a visual orientation of today. The authors present the basic concepts of management and the principles of “bite size” pieces, 2 – 6-page sections to optimize student learning and also emphasize the practicality of the matter. In addition, the instructor and the students receive the support of a large number of tests in resource room.

Management Kinicki 5th Edition is very up to date, has a lot of citations and presents the material in an orderly fashion, based in simple terms. Easy to follow and a lot of examples and situations that are relevant in today’s economic climate.

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