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January 21, 2012

Organic Chemistry Solomons 10th Edition

Organic Chemistry Solomons 10th Edition

Book Description
Organic Chemistry Solomons 10th Edition continues the tradition of Organic Chemistry Solomons / Fryhle of excellence in teaching and preparing students for success in the classroom and beyond organic. In the tenth edition, virtually every aspect of teaching and learning solution has been revised and redesigned to help students understand the basics of organic chemistry. The authors explain and illustrate the bottom of each new idea when first introduced and then reinforced the new idea or concept of students having problems at work.

Organic Chemistry Solomons 10th Edition Reviews
If you need to get the text that will be necessary – I recommend you take an old version and buy the cheaper copies. And ‘obsolete as a resource with a horrible suffocating. I think it’s just a typical science textbook. The supplement WileyPLUS online is so bad! This is what prompted me to write a review. You cannot even do something as basic as searching the text and in PDF format, you can do. It is basically like reading a collection of images that is online text. Thus, the budget, I cannot believe Wiley dare have paid for it. No matter what, do not pay a premium to get WileyPLUS online edition that is a rip off and terrible user experience.

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