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January 27, 2012

Organic Chemistry McMurry 2nd Edition

Organic Chemistry McMurry 2nd Edition

Book Description
Known for its student-friendly writing style and fresh perspective, offering Organic Chemistry McMurry 2nd Edition biological applications with full coverage of the fundamentals of organic chemistry – all enhanced with biological examples. Based on the feedback, McMurry continues to discuss organic chemistry, biological mechanisms, and now adds two dozen additional topics of organic chemistry, as well as new problems, new illustrations and new essays. The integration of organic media with OWL, a customizable online learning systems and assessment tools, reducing the workload of the faculty, facilitates learning and helps students master the concepts through exercises, simulations and tasks algorithmically generated questions .

I’ll start by saying that this is a very well written and is to be manual. Topics addressed in a logical order, are concepts are clearly explained and there are lots of pretty pictures to help you get the difficult subject much easier.
In fact, the greatest praise I have for this book, how beautiful it looks. Great use of 3D models, static maps, colors, images and graphics. It ‘a pleasure to read this book and have the text is interrupted by large illustrations.
The organic chemistry of itself, presents most of the main mechanisms of a great step by step by an arrow pushing format that works very well. Key elements of the mechanism are shown in bold, while the non-reactive components are grayed out which makes it very easy to follow a reaction, even if you work with large biological molecules (as is done very often).
The “organic” means the following: a lot of examples and problems that you want to do with large biological molecules instead of the regular fare organic chemistry. Many passages in the book that describes a particular mechanism can be found in biology. Finally, the last two chapters of the book are pure biological chemistry. You will learn the citric acid cycle in detail (I’m talking, electron by electron detail), how to synthesize DNA, proteins, etc. again in detail and so on. This part of the book can be a bit ‘heavy on details, and why it will be taught by the end of the second half of Organic Chem, may be too much considering how many other things you need to worry.

With all that said, I personally found a big problem with the book. I took a pretty difficult course for chem major honors organic chemistry and this book left me wanting for difficult problems! The questions on exams and problem sets was much harder than anything else in this book. At the end of chapter problems are decent understanding of the concept, but when you are 10-20 of them, you sort of begin to understand the rest are all the same. So if you’re a chemistry major, I would advise not to use this book as your main practical problems Orgo Organic Chemistry McMurry 2nd Edition. You can use it to learn, but not to consolidate your knowledge.

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