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August 27, 2011

Psychology Wade 10th Edition

Psychology Wade 10th Edition
Product Description
The text stresses the importance of critical thinking and the integration of culture and gender in the science of psychology.
Renowned for its pioneering focus on developing critical thinking skills crucial to the success of the students’ school and later in life, Psychology by Wade & Tavris is also widely appreciated for the warmth and clarity of lively writing style. Continuing its tradition of integrating gender, culture and ethnicity throughout the text, Psychology provides a comprehensive introduction to the area.

I took a chance he would come with a CD-book is now without the CD. The Web Access is important that the class cirriculum should follow this textbook “new”. It would have been nice if the product had clearly said that this component is not required to be involved and must be purchased separately. I hope this information helps you decide on the choice of this book for a college course / class.

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