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January 6, 2012

Sociology in Our Times Kendall 9th Edition

Sociology in Our Times Kendall 9th Edition

Book Description
This best-selling Sociology in Our Times Kendall 9th Edition fully conveys the importance of sociology by taking a quick collection of theories, research and examples – including his signature first-person accounts opened chapter. The experience represented in these opening vignettes accurately reflect the richness and complexity of society, thus establishing the themes that are implemented throughout the chapter. Author Diana Kendall to life, inviting writing style, emphasis on the application, an eye for the most interesting recent examples, and the wise use of photos and downloadable videos companions engage readers and shed light on the sociology relevant to all students . Now in its ninth edition, sociology in our time, celebrated on the field to be the first textbook to integrate issues of race, class and gender, and for his thorough presentation of sociological theory, including contemporary perspective that feminism and postmodernism.


Sociology in Our Times Kendall 9th Edition not only seems to be written for high school students, is also subject to periods of extreme simplification and second the “oppressed minority” crowd.

Simplification: the scope of psychology, they manage to sum Freud in one piece. Not only that, there is a point that feels as if it were copied from the back of a cereal box. Not only that, what they give is a stereotype of his “identity / ego / superego” idea – nothing more. No, for example, civilization and its discontent, or Totem and Taboo – I think they have nothing to do with sociological theory in any way. Not only that, the sum is also another important thinker in another paragraph, and then ignore the rest of psychology that has ever happened.

Exploitation of prostitution: I actually wanted to start a drinking game every time you talk about “race / ethnicity, gender and class.” But then, in chapter five, dropping the “race” and just use “ethnicity, gender and class.” This phrase is actually on each page. I think the idea is that people perceive the world differently depending on race / ethnicity, gender and class? Wow! I wonder why? No – you do not receive an answer to it, all you get “race / ethnicity, gender and class” over and over again.

Sociology in Our Times Kendall 9th Edition is pathetic and I strongly urges graduates not to choose a text for first year! There is so much better to write out there that go into more detail, while being readable. This book is the best for high school students, and even then if you just want them to kill time, rather than really learn something.

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