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November 17, 2011

Strategic Management and Business Policy Wheelen 13th Edition

Strategic Management and Business Policy Wheelen 13th Edition

his text equips readers with the strategic concept that they need to know when we are faced with issues such as climate change, global warming and energy availability.
The thirteenth edition contains a large number of cases timely, informed and class tested, nineteen of them are new or revised.

This is the textbook used for my Capstone class MBA program. There are two versions of this release is the first book in full, including cases, the other is a pocket without the case, I bought it later. We used only four cases, I copied the four borrow a copy of my teammate.

This is a book easy to pick apart. The effect it had on me is that I know a lot about business, my knowledge completed my knowledge into a coherent whole. The subject is the strategic management, not so much industrial policy. The sustainability section is in several places, but never a deep question, it is usually relegated to the various panels and vignettes that haunt the chapters. I agree with the statement that the book has as its focus on environmental issues.

The content is divided into the main components of a strategic review. The elements (in order) environmental scanning, strategy formulation, and evaluation and control strategies. There are three levels of strategy in an organization: corporate, business and functional. The emphasis is on the highest, businesses and shops. Functional strategies are affected surface, which makes sense because marketing, finance, accounting, computer science, business, discussed in detail in other parts of the MBA program.

There are interconnections in the content, the themes of the chapter related to other chapters. This book is not just a cookbook, even if it would be a very good thing. You can analyze a company by its products, organization, industry, government, etc., and it will spit out a good strategy to implement. Chapter eight is pretty weak and just need to be read once. Structure follows strategy and personnel, then the type of organization and the head of a company run by the chosen strategy and are important factors. I know that the degree program entirely dedicated to the teaching of human resources and organizational change, but the last chapters are very weak. The organization is all that the life of the company in question, which form the matrix and the network. Terrorists are being organized in cells, touted that the structure of the future. In human resources, it’s just a matter of matching managers to functions are the issues dealt with in a chapter each.

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