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September 3, 2011

Teachers Schools and Society Sadker 9th Edition

Teachers Schools and Society Sadker 9th Edition
Product Description
The reader friendly text in its field, the ninth edition offers an overview of education in the United States. It provides a profound commentary on the history of education, philosophy and government, with particular attention to major contemporary problems such as the changing role of federal funding for education. Recently revised for this edition, Chapter 4 (life at school and at home), are obesity, eating disorders, and a revised section on poverty. A major revision of Chapter 5, now titled The reform of U.S. schools, including updates of the stimulus on the basis of new reports on federal programs and funding formulas. Chapter 6, Curriculum, standards and test a new section on new trends in the curriculum.

Other reviews of this and the previous edition are the brief introduction to the training, so keep in mind that the revision date is before this text was published.
In reading the other reviews, it was obvious that the reviewers missed the point of the text – to be used in an introductory course, not a degree program in which teachers or practice would be to design lessons and units.
This text provides a great overview of educational issues and problems that someone plans to become a teacher should consider before investing time, energy and money to get certified. The short version is much better, more updated and students to use the Sadker and Sadker original text.
For anyone contemplating being a teacher, the themes presented in this book can help you decide if you really what it takes to be a teacher. It provides an overview of the challenges of political, economic and social front of educators, as well as the historical perspective of American education.

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